ADA Remediation for Commercial Buildings

Compliance is more than checking a box. Today’s consumers look favorably on brands that offer well-thought accommodations for people with disabilities, our veterans and our growing population of elderly family members. In fact, as of 2017, ADA complaints were 17% on the rise.

4 Common Myths

1. FALSE: ADA accessibility is a one-time building code requirement.

2. FALSE: Tenants are not liable for compliance, only landlords.

3. FALSE: Historic buildings are exempt.

4. FALSE: Settling one ADA lawsuit guards you against future suits.

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an ongoing concern. Growing chains operating in various states seek a process and proven approach to compliance. Newer brands cannot afford the risks of complaints or lawsuits. Meanwhile, both older and new commercial facilities still may be out of compliance despite representations to the contrary. 

The Beam Team applies decades of expertise to help you update your business or institution to address ADA and state-by-state building codes. 

Future of ADA

Doing extensive work in California, The Beam Team has remedied client issues due to the state’s more rigorous ADA laws. We can apply best practices learned in California for remodeling and construction—that may represent trends other states could adopt in the future.

By tracking ADA requirements across the U.S., The Beam Team comes prepared to help you address concerns that can result in discrimination complaints or “drive-by” lawsuits often reported in industry news.

For chain stores or brands expanding across state lines, The Beam Team is your trusted partner. Our mutual goal is to create the most inviting experience possible for all your customers.

Key areas for ADA construction and remodeling

  • Aisle Widths & Thresholds
  • Bathroom Compliance
  • Door Closers, Signs, Countertop Heights, & Laminate Work
  • Drinking Fountain Compliance
  • Execution of Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Grades, Slopes & Striping
  • Inspection Surveys
  • Accessible Parking

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